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Setting Good Expectations

Key Areas to Set Good Expectations.

General Expectations Across All Services:


1. 1 Business Day Response Time:

We set expectations that clients and partners can expect a 1 business day response time to emails. Our production departments are focused every day on doing the actual work of executing multiple client’s Paid/SEO/Social Media Strategies. They don’t look at their email inbox every hour. We set expectations that an email sent today can expect a response by end of business the next business day at the latest. We of course look to answer quickly, but we focus our production teams on work output/efficiency.


2. We require a 30-day notice of cancellation. Your and our cash flow is important to predict. We require that all clients give a 30-day notice of cancellation. That means if there is a 3-month commitment and if a client would like to quit on month 3, that the client will need to give the 30-day notice at the start of month 2.


3. Weekly reports are sent out and monthly meetings are set in place for great communication with all of our clients. 

 PPC Management:


1. Brand new accounts take 3 weeks to setup. We are very diligent in our setup process. The primary expenditure for a client is the money they spend with Google/Facebook/Bing, not our management fee so we take great care in our setup process.


2. Setting up an account is NOT free! Many clients think that the first month’s fees aren’t due until the campaigns are running. That’s not the case. The 3 weeks of setup is paid for by the first month’s fees. We do not charge an additional setup fee on top of the management fee, but the time spent setting up a client's account is part of the first month’s fees.


3. We require a 3-month commitment. Many firms will have clients commit to long-term 12 month/6-month commitments. We have a short-term 3-month commitment that auto renews month to month.


4. Conversion Funnels / Banner Ads are not included in the PPC Management Price.

You will find that in the PPC section of the proposal; it details clients as add ons that are available for purchase.




1. SEO takes time.

If a client is looking for quick results, then SEO is the wrong program for them to purchase. It takes time. It is often times the service with the highest ROI for a client, but it takes time.


2. Clients must purchase FULL Initial Analysis Reports first.

Without the initial analysis we do not know if 10 hours a month, 20 hours, 30 hours, etc, will help achieve desired goals. We need to complete the full Initial Analysis Reports first before a client ever signs up for a SEO Retainer. This ensures we properly establish expectations for clients for the long-term.


3. We or client must be able to edit their site.

To win in SEO we need to optimize the content on the website as well as add new content to the website. If a client has a content management system that doesn’t allow them to change title tags, meta descriptions, etc. then we will not be able to help them with their SEO.


4. Content is the core part of our SEO Services.

Very little of our work is focused on off site SEO nowadays. To produce the best long-term returns for a client it’s all about great onsite SEO, and acquiring backlinks naturally. The ROI of Artificial back-link building is short-term as well as incredibly expensive in today’s environment. The ROI of lots of great on site content is incredible. Think Wikipedia. Did they ever purchase backlinks? Nope. Do they have one of the most authoritative websites in the world? Yes. Why? The answer is content.


GBP Optimization:

1. How to know how far your GBP may be able to reach: Google the top 5 phrases they want to win when looking at a map of their area. If the map zooms out, then they likely can have a wider reach, if it does not zoom out, then they are surrounded by competition, and the area their GBP will reach will be limited. It can still can produce ROI, but for example a coffee shop in NYC isn’t going to show up for a person searching 7 miles away (not when there are 100’s of coffee shops between them.)


2. Without reviews we can not win. We will provide resources to our clients to help them acquire reviews, but without their active participation to acquire reviews, we can optimize the listing, and it would not win if the disparity of reviews compared to their competitors is significant.


3. It is recommended for clients to have content on their site about the keywords they want to target. This is a factor that does affect GBP / Map rankings. If a client has no content on their website about the services they provide, then they are at a disadvantage, in addition we will have little information about how they provide that service, to properly optimize their listing with. For these types of clients a GBP Plus SEO package is recommended.


Social Media:

1. For organic social media campaigns clients must purchase the full initial analysis/audit first. These campaigns are very unique and require a lot of strategizing before hand to make sure we can properly quote the number of hours they will need to create the amount/quality of content needed for us to post on their behalf.


2. Advertising campaigns do not need an initial analysis/audit first. Please ask a digital analyst for guidance on the # of hours needed based on the monthly ad budget they have established.


3. Advertising is king in social. – We generally sell very few organic only campaigns. The true ROI social media can often provide a company is via their advertising platform.


Reputation Management:

1. Ethics check first – Is this company ripping people off? Did they commit a serious crime? We don’t help people hide that info. Do they have a lot of happy customers, but 1%-10% unhappy customers are getting an unfair amount of voice online? We help those people.


2. Clients must purchase the full initial analysis before signing a retainer. – These campaigns are extensive and require a lot of investment. To properly quote them and build a plan clients must buy the full analysis first.


3. This is a long-term investment. If a client is looking for a quick fix, this isn’t it. This is a long-term approach to fixing the problem and them owning the solution. We build and optimize multiple websites to take over and suppress the negative content from ranking on page 1 for the related brand terms. Many campaigns take 12-24 months to fully solve, depending on the extent of the damage.


Email Marketing:


1. Regarding # of Hours Needed -5 hours a month is needed for 1 email sending each month, and clients provide the content to us, or we write up to a 1200 piece of content that we help mail out. 5 hours increments are needed for each additional mailing.


2. Drip Campaigns - Hours can be used to build out drip email campaigns. This is custom quoted based on the specific needs.


3. Platform agnostic – We can send our emails from any platform the client is currently using, however, if a client does not have a preference we recommend the campaign monitor email marketing platform.


Website Maintenance:


1. No Flat Fee quotes: We no longer provide flat fee web development services.


2. What can be done with the retainer of hours? – Any on site work requested- update content, images, plugins, security, design changes, technical changes, etc.


3. What can not be done with the hours: This is not a substitute for SEO Consulting.


Conversion Funnel Development:


1. Clients need to have content/offer in mind - The client needs to already have in mind what they want the conversion funnel to do. Clients need to provide the written content, and have an offer they want us to promote. We handle the execution of design/development to creation of the Conversion Funnel.


Banner Ads:

1. Clients get multiple comps to select form, and get 2 revisions - if a client wishes to continue revising the banner ads they will have to pay for additional design hours.

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